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Affordable home insurance via DGA The Hague

For a affordable home insurance, also known as home insurance mentioned, you've come to the right place at DGA Financial Advisors. Our experienced advisors are happy to help you, and together with you, we will find the insurance that best suits your personal situation.

Because DGA The Hague works completely independently and is not bound to any bank or insurance company, you are assured of objective advice. In addition, we can provide you tariffs offer those up to the lowest in the Netherlands belong.

You are very welcome at our office in The Hague. Or would you prefer one of our advisors to visit you? Then we would be happy to make an appointment with you!

Many customers in The Hague, Scheveningen, Voorburg, Leidschendam, Voorschoten, Stompwijk, Zoetermeer, Nootdorp, Rijswijk, Wassenaar, Pijnacker, Delft and Wateringen have a affordable home insurance via DGA Financial Advisors closed. Of course, we are also happy to help you!

What is home insurance

If you have your own home, it is not legally required to take out home insurance. But when taking out a mortgage, the mortgage lender may require you to take out home insurance. The mortgage lender lends you money and, of course, wants it back if your house were to burn down, for example.

With home insurance or home insurance, you can insure everything that is stuck to your home (not movable). You should then consider coverage against damage caused by, for example, a fire or burglary. You can also take out glass insurance. Damage caused by war, earthquakes or floods, for example, is not covered.

DGA The Hague is happy to inform you about the various options and see which home insurance suits you best. In doing so, we not only look at the price, but also at the conditions.

Home insurance via DGA: clear and affordable (more)

By combining your various insurances into one package, we can usually achieve enormous savings for you, because you can get a substantial discount from the airline in question. By placing your insurances with DGA The Hague, you also have everything organized and you also get the best service! For example, if you need to apply for insurance, simply contact us and we will arrange all further processing for you!