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An affordable credit mortgage via DGA The Hague

Also for a advantageous credit mortgage DGA Financial Advisors is the place to be. Together with you, we will find the mortgage that best suits your personal situation. Our experienced advisors are happy to help you!

Because DGA The Hague works completely independently and is therefore not bound to any bank or insurance company, you are assured of objective advice. In addition, we can provide you tariffs offer those up to the lowest in the Netherlands belong.

You are always very welcome at our office in The Hague. Or would you prefer one of our advisors to visit you? Then we would be happy to make an appointment with you!

Many customers in The Hague, Scheveningen, Voorburg, Leidschendam, Voorschoten, Stompwijk, Zoetermeer, Nootdorp, Rijswijk, Wassenaar, Pijnacker, Delft and Wateringen have a advantageous credit mortgage via DGA Financial Advisors closed. Of course, we are also happy to help you!

The most important features of a credit mortgage:

The credit mortgage is the most flexible type of mortgage available. It works like a bank account where you can “overdraft”. The amount (the limit) is now just a lot higher. Just like a regular bank account, you can withdraw and deposit funds. As long as you don't exceed the limit amount. Each month, you pay a fee on the amount you have withdrawn: the interest. How high the amount you can withdraw (may be 'red') depends mainly on the value of the house.

A credit mortgage used to be very attractive because all interest payments could be deducted from the tax. Now, that no longer applies in all cases. Do you use the credit mortgage to purchase, maintain or improve your home? Then the interest you pay is fully deductible for income tax. But if you use the credit mortgage for consumer purchases, such as a car, a boat or a caravan, the interest is not deductible.

The interest rate may be a reason to take out a credit mortgage anyway, for consumer purposes. This is because the interest rate is lower than the interest on a 'normal' cash loan. This is because the house serves as collateral for the mortgage lender. By the way, the interest rate for a credit mortgage is usually not fixable for a longer period of time.

For whom?

A credit mortgage is often taken out by people who (temporarily) need extra money, for example for a renovation. This type of mortgage is also popular among older people. They can thus partly convert the excess value of their home into money as a retirement provision.

Credit Mortgage Benefits

  • You decide when and how much you pay back
  • You can also easily withdraw amounts you deposit
  • The interest is tax deductible, provided that the money is used for your home

The disadvantages

  • The interest rate can usually not be fixed for longer periods
  • The amount that you can overdraft (the limit) is much lower than what your home is actually worth (usually 75% of the home's resale value)
  • The interest is only tax deductible if the money is used for your home